10 Superb Ways to Decorate your House in a Primitive Way

While most people like decorating their houses using modern ways and contemporary designs, there are some who like to give it a rather old feel and primitive look. Primitive decoration may mean different things to different people and hence primitive décor can be achieved in a lot many ways. The following are 10 of the best primitive ways to decorate a space:

ways to decorate your house in a primitive way

  1. One of the best primitive décor tips is to use antique suitcases as storage units in bedrooms and living rooms.  This is a good idea when closet space is not sufficient.
  2. Another useful tip is to use wicker baskets here and there in the house to add magazines, towels and other such items to them.
  3. Lighting can also play a major role in making a space look primitive. Choose lantern lighting or other dim lighting ideas to give an old and rusty feel to a room or a house.
  4. Using old window frames with a rusty feel can also add to the primitive feel and look of your house.  You can also add grapevine plant to the windows to further add to the look.
  5. Using old barn wood in the house or room is also a great idea for primitive décor.  You can use this variety of wood to make sections of picket fence and join them together with one another to use them as shutters at the bay window.
  6. To decorate your house in old country style, you can organize things in piles rather than placing them in cupboards or closets.  You can hang your plates rather than putting them away in storage cupboards as on example.
  7. Using an old bench as a coffee table in the kitchen or in the living room is yet another good tip to decorate your home in a primitive way.
  8. If you have an old ladder in your house, then you can decorate it with grapevine for that extra dash of primitive décor and feel of the house.
  9. Bring in a gramophone home and place it in the living room area to entertain your guests with some old school music.
  10. Another great tip for primitive décor is to spread a square shaped gingham napkin diagonally in a basket made of wicker or any tray to give that extra element of primitive decoration.

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