Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

kitchen storageDon’t despair if you have a small kitchen and think there is not enough room for all your appliances.

We have a list of some great solutions that are terrific space savers and will have your kitchen organized in no time.

Crowded Countertops

If you are storing your spices on the kitchen counter or even haphazardly in a cabinet why not install a pullout draw especially for storing spices as a pantry.

This way you can store all your spices in one place right near the zone where you cook. With just a glance you will be able to find what you are looking for and when it is found, simply slide the door closed again.

Pots and Pans Storage

There are two ways you can clear the clutter of pots and pans from your kitchen. The first is to hang them from hooks specifically made for cook wear on the ceiling so they are easily seen when they are hung up.

If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, you can find a drawer for pots and pans that fits in with your cabinetry.

One such drawer comes with three shelves in various depths and allows you to see easily what you need while you increase cabinet space.

Fido’s Food

Instead of storing your dog’s food in the garage or in some out of the way place, why not have a reinforced drawer in your cabinets to hold his supper.

The food will be right at your fingertips and you wont have to worry about venturing out into the cold garage or basement in order to feed your pet. Just be sure that Fido can’t open the drawer on his own.

Chopping and Dicing

If y our counter space doesn’t allow for a chopping block, why not get one that pulls out. You can even go ergonomic and install it at a height that is lower so that even rolling dough doesn’t affect your back.

When you are done slicing and dicing, simply wipe it down and push it back into place.

Recycling Center

Use separate bins for garbage and recyclables that hide away in the kitchen. There are a number of kitchen solutions that will address this need that will slide or store away.

You won’t have to make trips to the garage or basement each time you want to add an item that is recyclable and your trash will be hidden away allowing for more room in your kitchen.


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