4 Tips To Help Organize A Small Kitchen

Does your kitchen seem small and cramped? Are you finding it difficult to store your goods and fit in all your appliances? Here are some ideas on how to solve the storage problems that accompany a small kitchen [Stylish Kitchen Designs].

1. Make a Clean Sweep

Look around your kitchen carefully. Are you hanging on to items that you no longer use or are damaged.

To make the most out of a small space you need to get rid of the clutter.

You will be amazed at how much space you open up when you get rid of things that you rarely or if ever use.

When you are putting the items you are keeping away, think about where you intend to store them. Your utensils for cooking and potholders should be stored near your stove.

Your plates, glasses and silverware should be stored in close proximity and your food items should be stored separate from these items.

2. Cabinets are Your Friend

Your kitchen cabinets will be the most important aspect of logical and space saving storage. There are a variety of tools that can help you make the most of your cabinet space.

There are trays for dividing, lazy susans, and shelves that roll to make things more convenient. Store things that you don’t use often such as serving platters and large roasting pans on the highest shelves to leave more room below for those things you use more often.

3. The Appliances

There are more space saving appliances available than ever before. You can find microwaves and toaster ovens that can be set above the stove and underneath cabinets. This frees up your counter space so it can be better used as a work area.

There are many products that are specifically manufactured for small kitchen spaces so look into what is available. There are even dish washing units that now come with a sink.

4. Hang those Pots

There are many units that you can hang from the ceiling so that you can store your pots and pans there rather than waste your valuable cabinet space that could be put to better use. This is not only a practical option, but an attractive one as well. It puts your pots within easy reach and makes searching for a particular item all that much easier.

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean you have to be cramped. Put some imagination and creativity into figuring out the best storage options for the space you have and your kitchen will appear larger than before.


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