The Characteristics Of Color

bedroom colorsYou probably won’t be surprised to find that the colors you choose to adorn the interior of your house affect the mood and ambiance of the home itself.

Let’s take a look at the different personalities that your favorite hue evokes.

Bright Colors that Grab

  • Red – It has been suggested that the color red can raise your blood pressure and speed up the heart rate and respiration. It should never be a bedroom color. Crimson shades can sometimes make people become irritable so if you are fond of red use it only as splashes of color.
  • Orange- Orange can stimulate the appetite. Painting with orange can be difficult with which to live. But you can find many varying shades of orange that will not overpower or overwhelm such as shrimp, coral, Terra cotta and salmon.
  • Yellow – Yellow is like a breath of sunshine when you use this color to paint a room. It conveys happiness and it is the ideal choice to use in the bathroom, kitchen or wherever else you feel needs brightening such as a gloomy hallway.

Demure Colors of Darker Shades

  • Green – The color green is often referred to as the most restful color in the spectrum. It mixes the invigorating hues of blue with a touch of cheery yellow. You can use the color green in any number of rooms in your house. You may want to use a shade of sage in your bedroom so that you slumber peacefully.
  • Blue – Don’t be surprised to find hues of blue are the opposite of the color red. It lowers one’s blood pressure and can even slow your heart rate and respiration. The color is said to spread serenity, invoke calmness and give you a feeling of relaxation. A great color for a bedroom. [Bedroom Designs]
  • Purple – Purple is certainly king when it comes to color. The darkest purple is eggplant and it’s a dramatic addition to any room in your home. You don’t have to decorate in the darker hues; there are a number of lighter shades such as lilac or lavender that will send a message of peace.

All professionals know that color and color coordination can really make a difference in how you feel in your own home.

For kitchens where the family gathers often, a sunny yellow can make it one of the most desirable rooms of the house and when you choose lavender and pale blues into your bedroom you will wake up feeling rested and refreshed and ready to tackle the day.


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