Pullout Solutions for Narrow Kitchen Space

We don’t all have spacious homes that we are dreaming about, and so we have to find solutions for the space that we have. The majority of the problems are related to the kitchen where women spend a lot of time. They will always need more space than they have.

In order to make the best use of everything that you have, a really good method might be to find some pullout solutions.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

The advantage of the pullout solutions is that they help you use the space that you have in an optimal way. You might use it to store spices without wasting space for them, but still keeping them close at hand.

You can keep the vinegars, oils and other kinds of cooking staples next to the cooktop. Also store in the same place the extra jars and other objects that you don’t need that often to keep the kitchen clean and neat.

In case you already have storage options for the spices, you might use the pullout solution as a pantry cabinet. You can place it between the ovens and the dish storage. To make the best use of the space that you have, make sure that it has numerous shelves to store every thing that you will need. Also the exterior look should match the rest of the kitchen.

There are some aspects of the kitchen that are better to remain hidden. It is a really good idea to recycle those materials that can be recycled, but let’s face it: that is not the most pleasant sight. So, it might be a good idea to keep the recycle bin out of sight by creating a recycling pullout. The best location for it might be close to the backdoor to make it easy to carry the bin outside when it is full.

Don’t forget to get creative when it comes to pullouts. You might use the smallest space as well. For example narrow spaces can be just perfect for spice jars and tall cooking oil bottles. Naturally the best place for such a pullout is close to the cooking top or the cooker. Still remember to use those elements that are offered by the design of the kitchen furniture.

In the past you probably had a walk-in pantry, but the disadvantage of this solution is that the items might get lost in the dark, or they might get in the back where you never look.

You can turn the same space into a walk-up pantry unit with pullouts. The advantage is that the items are better organized and you can be sure that nothing will be lost.

In case you have some larger items to store, like larger jars, it will be a good idea to create a deep drawer to fit everything in it.

The point is for the drawer to open easily, even if it is full with heavy jars. Also you should consider some glass panels on the sides to make it easy to see the content of the drawer. The front should also be lightweight, in spite of the need to be made of a sturdy material.


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