New Trends in Patio Chair Designs for 2011

A luxury outdoor space to enjoy is what most people crave these days. And a patio is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy your free time. You could also enhance the look of your patio with perfect patio furniture that will make your free time pleasant.

Many of us look out for furniture made of wrought iron and the like when it comes to refurbishing our patios as they will be able to bear even the toughest weather conditions.

However, patio furniture need not be necessarily made of wrought iron or steel. You could also choose from different trends that are readily available to make your fun time more memorable while making your home more charming.

Here are some of the trends in the patio furniture that are sure to last a while.

Wood Folding Chair

This solid-wood folding chair is surprisingly comfortable and is made with heat-treated hickory that will do fine outdoors.  The fittings are made of rust-proof stainless steel which will last for a long time to come with just some occasional oiling.

Cast Collection

This new Cast collection is framed in 100% solid recycled aluminum plated in zinc, which brings in a finish of unusually tough beauty. The design is by John Reeves for Henry Hall Designs.

Play Chairs

If you’re trying to bring in some pattern to the table, these Play chairs have woven polyethylene backs in stripes or in plaid. The design is manufactured by Dedon.

Dexter Collection

The Dexter collection by West Elm offers a more contemporary and traditional look and calls upon the classic lines of a Windsor chair. This bench with cushion is also accompanied by matching lounge chairs.

Lami Line

Although this design is years old, it has been recently relaunched. This particular line, called Lami, is made with sheet metal in such a way that it minimizes scrap material, thus reducing waste.


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