New Furniture Trends from the Milan Furniture Fair 2011

The recently concluded furniture fair at Milan highlighted different trends in international furniture market. Many of the modern furniture lines designed by world famous designers were displayed at the fair which marked the 50th anniversary.

The fair brought up different interesting revelations about the continuing trends in products, materials used in making them, fabrics, and a variety of colors.

The choice of bright colors was one of the strongest trends that were noticed at the show as all the designers and studios showed an increased use of bright colors in everything ranging from fabrics and furniture.

Bold and vibrant colors were preferred by everyone whether it was molded plastic furniture or lacquered wood. Use of bright colors such as red, orange and yellow was seen as a major trend catching up with almost all of the designers.

Discussed here are some of the major furniture trends that emerged during the show.


Swedish design studio Front created this geometric puzzle across a chest of drawers and an armoire using four shades of oak inlays. This gorgeous design looks angular and yet soft and is to be produced by Porro. The designers used wood grain to add more complexity to the piece.


These Morph lounge chairs are made of a leather-backed seat that is supported by oak legs. The seats are upholstered in front in a range of warm fabrics. When together used with the Apu side tables, the chairs add glory to any living room. These fabulous chairs are designed by Zeitraum.


This “big knit” chair called Biknit by Moroso was certainly a standout at the fair whose weave, set atop a wooden frame, is completely made of a UV-resistant fabric known as Plastitex. The chair is from designer Patricia Urquiola.


These Paper Planes chairs, also by Moroso were shown at the fair in highly graphic upholstery. The modern high-back silhouette is what makes the chair ultimately noteworthy.


This workshop stool with solid beech legs offered a playful twist to the fair. The seat, as claimed by the manufacturer Magis, is operated by a self-lubricating plastic. Design by Konstantin Grcic.


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