Bamboo – An Exciting New Choice For Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinetsBamboo is increasingly becoming a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, because not only is it beautiful to look at but it is also environmentally friendly.

Another advantage is that it is lightweight and available in a large range of color finishes.

They do not have to only be considered in the kitchen, they are well suited to the bathroom and any other of your living space.

Bamboo has got a higher resistance than most other woods by a significant fifteen percent, it is this ability to expand, and contract that means it is ideal for areas where moisture is a factor.

Just like any other cabinets, the quality of manufacture is important and often it is something that you will have to pay for. Purchasing cabinets should be seen as an investment and therefore you should try and choose the best that you can afford.

A cheaper option, particularly if you have straight walls and a fairly basic shaped kitchen layout is to buy cabinets ready to assemble. Often this is not as daunting as it may seem and most come with very clear instructions and lots of helpful advice.

Alternatively, buying them and employing a professional fitter will still be significantly cheaper than a specially made bespoke solution. If you have an unusual floor plan or have very particular needs the latter may be your only option.

Whatever you decide bamboo is a great choice and comes in a multitude of finishes. If you are trying to find a green solution, then check that the cabinets have been put together with an eco friendly adhesive.


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