Choosing The Right Dining Room Paint Colors

dining roomIn many homes, the dining room is the place where everyone gathers to eat and visit. If your home is this way, you will want to create a warm inviting environment.

Choosing the perfect paint color is the first step in making your dining room an enjoyable place to gather.

The paint choices you make impact every other aspect of the room. After all, painting the walls purple when all of your decor and furniture is a sunny shade of yellow might not be best choice.

Instead it is best to consider the different aspects you will include in the room, and make the paint color choices one of your final decisions.

Consider your Decor

When choosing the right colors for your dining room area you will want to consider your interior decoration. Think about the color of the wood, as well as the upholstery and china pattern used in your dining room.

If you use a predominant color in your room, you will want to match it or coordinate it. For example, if your china set is made in a southwest style, you will want earth tones for your dining room paint choice.

You can choose several colors from the pattern and coordinate them for the walls, trim, and accents.

Lighting Makes a Difference

When choosing the paint for your dining room, you will want to consider the lighting used in your room [Dining Room Lighting]. A paint swatch at the store can look very different under your home lighting.

If your dining room is dimly lit to provide a cozy atmosphere, the color of your paint will look much different than it does under fluorescent store lighting.

It is best to take the paint sample home, and see if you like it under your dining room lighting.

Color Will Set the Mood

Consider that the color you choose will set the mood for your room. Bright vibrant colors can make for a fun festive dining experience, while softer tones provide a more personal environment.

Think about what you will be using the room for. If you are hoping to have loud exuberant dinner parties, bright colors will be fine. However, for intimate family meals, a softer tone may be best.

Formal VS Informal

You may also want to consider whether your dining room will be used for formal or informal purposes.

An informal dining room can be painted in many different ways, while a formal dining room may need a more professional appearance.

Pinks, purples, and bright colors are generally reserved for a more informal setting. However, neutral tones and soft pastels can provide a more formal appearance.

As you can see, there are many different things to consider, when choosing your color scheme. However, in the end you will want to choose a paint color you like, and want to live with.

After all, once the guests are gone and the parties are over, you will be the one who sees your dining room every day.


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