Cover All Bases When Choosing A Carpet

Choosing a new carpet or replacing an old one can make a homeowner regret the day he decided to get that carpet.

There are some important considerations to make – color, texture, fabric, design, location and use – before going to the store.

At the store, he’ll be faced with dozens of choices; it will be to his advantage if he comes well prepared.

The first consideration to make is the carpet’s location and use. Areas like hallways, stairs, and living rooms get much traffic; therefore, a high-quality carpet such as a loop pile carpet works best because of its durability.

Quality may initially cost more, but it will eventually save more money than a carpet that’s lower in price and quality. A stain-resistant carpet also works best for these areas, especially if there are children or pets in the house.

carpet types

For rooms frequented by small children, carpet texture and softness for crawling comfort must be added to stain-resistance in the choice. For rooms with minimal traffic, a less dense but softer carpet such as a deep pile carpet will work best.

The next consideration is color and style. The carpet must match the color scheme one has in mind for its location.

A neutral color like beige or tan will work with almost any color scheme or décor; a darker shade will even be more advantageous because it is easier to keep clean than lighter-colored carpets.

A patterned carpet is the best of both worlds; it can match any décor while concealing spills and other problem areas.


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