Take Care of Refrigerator – Easy and Simple Steps

Refrigerators are the best devices to keep your food clean and fresh and of course have emerged as a necessity in every household. But do you really focus on the cleaning and maintenance aspects of your refrigerator? This aspect should be taken seriously and done periodically to avoid appliance hazards, or else it would cost you heavily.

take care of refrigerator

A refrigerator that is not well-maintained may lead to a lot of adverse impacts like high electricity bills, short lifespan of the appliance and other problems. Below mentioned are some tips, which will help you to take care of your refrigerator in an effective manner.

Tips to maintain your refrigerator

Monitor on a regular basis

The food that you keep in the refrigerator needs to be cold and fresh and hence, monitoring on a regular basis is important. The temperature is required to be somewhere between 34 degrees to 40 degrees of Fahrenheit. It is advised to get a temperature monitor or temperature sensor to do the monitoring accurately.

Never place hot food

This is one of the important things to be considered and any food before you keep in the refrigerator should be brought to the room temperature. When hot food is placed, the temperature drops at a rapid rate, which further results in the spoilage of the condensing coils and also the refrigerator.

Do not overload the fridge

Especially during the times of parties, people tend to store a lot of food. This is the time, when the fridge door is continuously opened and closed. Monitoring of the temperature is essential this time and it is also important to turn down the temperature.

Tips to clean your refrigerator

Cleaning of the door gasket

At least once in three months, make sure to clear door gasket with the help of warm soap water and then wipe it well with dry towel. It is also required to inspect the seal for the snugness or else after regular usage, you might find the gasket getting sticky.

Replace the water filter

At least once in six months, make sure to replace the water filter of your refrigerator. This will provide with clean water and clean ice and will also help in the prevention of leaks and clogs.

Keep the baking soda box opened

It is advised to keep a baking soda box open, which will help in absorbing of the odor-causing acids and this will be effective for up to three months. Change the soda bottle post that.

When these tips for maintenance and cleaning are followed, your refrigerator can be maintained in the best way and this will surely ensure the long life of the equipment.

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