Black House – Bold, Original And Sensational Architectural Approach

The Black House designed by Andres Remy Architects was requested by a young couple, who were prepared to give complete freedom of design. The house is a work of contrasts, with black exterior and white interiors, the use of glass walls emphasizing the contrasting colors.

Black is an unusual color to be used for a house exterior and it makes a bold contemporary statement.

The house is situated 30kms from Buenos Aires and has been designed to gain maximum advantage of the stunning lake view.

The house has been created to suit the social needs of the couple. The living room is located nearer the lake and the kitchens and dining room have been designed on the other side.

A shallow pool, dividing the house in two, reflects the northern light and illuminates the interiors with this indirect light. A glass bridge connects the two parts. The living room has glass walls that bring in the nature like a fresh breath. The glass walls allow a breathtaking view of the lake.

The house has been designed with bedrooms designated for future children. The rooms are located in the front and have the lake view. The master bedroom has been designed as an overhang and seems to float over the ground like something immaterial.

The Black House is true to its name and is an enticing play of contrasting colors.

Source : Contemporist


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