DIY Gifting Solutions


Homemade gifts don’t just save money, they’re also more thoughtful. Our society considers homemade gifts to be from the heart. This extends to your relationship. Your significant other will swoon, just thinking about the love, time, and energy you put into their special present. Reciprocity builds social connections and this is true for your relationship. You can build upon the love you already share, by taking some time to create any one of these thoughtful homemade gifts.


Jewelry making can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be. If you’re an expert, you can craft intricate bracelets, burn metal for earrings, and tightly braid leather necklaces. If you’re not an expert, a simple piece of cord will suffice. Your local craft store should have plenty of cords and charms just waiting for your next necklace or bracelet. Add a charm with a sweet sentiment to truly impress with this gift. Your charm should be a testament of your love or an inspirational quote.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can literally be filled with anything. Ladies, if you want to spoil your man, why not fill his basket with some of his favorite things? You can make a video game or sport’s themed basket. Guys, if your girl is into smelling great, fill her basket with sweet soaps. If you want to fill your gift basket with homemade items, why not try some delicious home-baked treats? Cookies, pies, cakes, and breads all make perfect gift basket inclusions.

To create a gift basket, head to your local home goods store where there should be a decent selection of gift baskets. If there aren’t any baskets already dressed up, purchase a standard wicker basket, some craft glue, and some fabric and/or ribbon. You can use the glue, ribbon, and/or fabric to add loving details to the gift basket. Make sure to create a card and attach it to the handle.

Get Artsy

If you’re artistic, you can do something really creative for your significant other. If you’re a great writer, consider writing down the story of your relationship on a piece of parchment. Add some stenciled hearts or flowers to the margin. Make sure to use a delicate piece of stationary or make your own. If you’re a painter, consider painting a portrait of your love or interpret your love through your medium. If you’re creative there’s an option for a truly romantic gift.

A truly amazing gift is a book, created by you, for your partner. There are a number of “print on demand” services just waiting for your business. Employ the help of a graphic artist to create a comic book, starring yourself and your love as the main characters. Weave an interesting enough plot and you may just find your book treasured by anyone who comes in contact with it.

Make Use of all Those Photos

Finally, do something creative with your pictures. Depending how long you’ve been with your partner, there may be a huge surplus of photographs just waiting for your attention. Break out the crafting supplies and some extra glue sticks and make use of all those photos. You can create your partner a scrap book or create a loving collage. Either way, this gift will take them on a visual journey of your love.


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