Smart, Versatile, Creative – Could These All Be A Sofa?

Italian furniture maker Primafila knows the perfect way to surprise with different decisions when comes to interior design. This time the company is offering one amazing sofa, named The People sofa.

Modular Sofa FurnitureThe innovative design of this sofa is totally inspired by symmetry and futurism in the interior. Geometry and cubes are the inspiration for the creation of this sofa.

Modular Sofa Furniture 1The sofa is made with modular components, so you can always manage its size and even place. The geometric design and the simplicity of the shape used to create the People sofa will help you achieve the modern touch you are looking for in your house.

Modular Sofa Furniture 3The sofa contains four and six cube figures, which parts are the major construction and allows settling the sofa the way you like it. If that’s not satisfying you, then you can always experiment with the colors.

Modular Sofa Furniture 2The modular Primafila sofa is made in various colors; all of them are matching the modern look of the new generation furniture.


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