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mortgage company

What Your Lender or Mortgage Company is NOT Telling You

Unless you’re a super wealthy person, you’ll be taking out a mortgage when buying a home. Unfortunately, it’s not just the first-time buyers who don’t have the most honest of experiences, but also some of the seasoned buyers as well. With the mortgage being one of the most important of your investments, Suzanne Powers feels […]

must haves for a relaxing and inviting guest room

10 Must haves for a Relaxing and Inviting Guest Room

The guest room is either one of the most carefully designed and decorated room of the house or is the most ignored room where only rejected stuff goes. But to create a good impression on your guests and to make them feel welcomed in your abode, you must do all that you can to make […]

know the common home improvement nightmares and how to avoid them

Know the Common Home Improvement Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Home improvement or home renovation is something which can be as grilling and challenging as a home construction project, may be even more.  May be this is the reason why home improvement can lead to several issues, problems, mistakes and even nightmares. Many things can go wrong from selecting the wrong contractor to choosing the […]


5 Advantages of Wet Rooms

Making improvements to our homes has become a regular part of modern-day life. Whether it’s fixing something that’s broken, upgrading a household item, or simply splashing out to add value to our homes, we will all inevitably do it at some time. However, when it comes to making adjustments to our homes there is nothing […]

bathroom decors to suit your little ones

Bathroom Decors to suit your Little Ones

No more running behind your kids, nagging them to take a shower or to brush their teeth! Here are some trouble-free methods of decorating their bathrooms. The beautiful decor and the comfy tone will catch the fancy of the kids to do so, themselves. However, while getting all the fanciful décor in the washrooms; don’t […]


How to Know Your Contractor Is Trustworthy

Home improvement can be an exciting endeavor, especially if it means that you are finally getting the home you’ve always wanted. Doing work on your home can also be somewhat scary because you are placing your trust into the hands of someone you may not know that well. Hiring a contractor to do the work […]

Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

Some Super Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summers are here and so is the unbearable heat! Due to the excessive heat, our houses tend to get boiled and turn into baking ovens. There are many ways to keep our homes cool in this summer season.  Apart from turning the air conditioners on at full speed and wasting unnecessary money, you can follow […]

designing your home to bring the summer indoors

Designing your Home to Bring the Summer Indoors

Ahhh, summer – the sun is splitting the pavements, the breeze is lilting, and the scent of fresh plants tinge the air in a haze of rays. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Well, no, not exactly. As anyone who lives in Britain knows, just because it’s summertime, doesn’t mean the weather will be good. In fact, you’re […]


Know your Boundaries – Limits of a House

Boundary disputes can be extremely costly and the source of much antagonism between otherwise peaceful neighbours. When moving into a new home you will often take on a Conveyancer who’ll do all sorts of searches on your behalf, one of these being a Land Registry Search.They’ll do this by checking out a document called the […]

unusual tiling

Unusual Tiling

In many homes tiling is simply seen as essential feature of the wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms), a practicality rather than a design detail. However, the range of tiles and tiling arrangements that are available now is mind boggling, there is certainly more to it than the standard square, white bathroom tiles. So […]