Open Plan Or Back To The Basics In Interior Design

In case you are going to change your home interior, take a look at some tips, which will surely be useful for transforming that you are planning at home.

The interior designer Alice Cottrell has been a designer since long time ago. Her practice as a hotel designer helped her to create unique home decors for apartment that need a more open and chic look.

The designer changed her own flat into a whole new spacious and elegant flat. Her advices to anyone that wish to change the interior and to add more light at home is to take the walls down and to provide more space.

In case your rooms are separated by walls and the kitchen is closed, just remove the doors and part of the walls. Add contrast colors, for they are able to create a spacious vision. Black and white is perfect for the living room.

Alice is also suggesting adding more sophisticated look through clear lines and futuristic décor. The designer also claims that clean lines and simple furniture will add more modern look to your home decor.

Another good idea for decorating the interior is adding smooth carpets in neutral colors that provide illusion for more space.


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