5 Things Every Garden Needs

Gardens are very personal to us. Whether it’s an extension to our homes or a place to get away to, we love having a garden. One of the top complaints of apartment life is the lack of outdoor space. So, what are the five things that every garden needs?

A Shed

A shed is a really important part of a garden, it is mainly functional, but it can be made to look pretty too. Without it, you won’t have anywhere to do your potting, or to keep your tools. Sheds come in all sorts of sizes too, like these ones from Sheds and Things, so whatever the size of your garden; you’ll be able to fit a shed in.


Of course, I hear you cry. It’s an obvious one, but one that is lacking in lots of ‘gardens’. Think about all those inner city terraces with concrete yards. The shame. Whether you’ve got lots of room for plant or no beds at all, having plants in your garden is essential.

Which plants you should have is an entirely different story for a completely different blog post. Pick a style and stick to it for a well put together garden.


Paths offer structure to your garden. Where there isn’t path, there are flowers or a pond. It can help you figure out where to put your favourite sculpture or where the lawn should be. Without at least one path to guide you, you’ll have to walk on your lawn, or your precious plants.

A Place to Sit

Why would you create a garden if you can’t enjoy it? A place to sit, whether it’s a secret, contemplative bench, a set of table and chairs to enjoy dinner at, or a swing seat, is an essential part of your garden to make sure you can take in your handy work, and the animals that you’ve encouraged.

Wildlife ‘Homes’

A garden needs lots of wildlife to thrive and become a good garden. Make sure you cater for the birds and the bees and you’ll have a happy garden. Learn about the food chain. Plant plants that insects like, and birds, bats and more will come to eat them. Things like bee hotels, bird houses, bat boxes and ponds will all encourage animals and insects into your outdoor space, both temporarily and permanently. Create a haven for wildlife and just wait and see what you can spot.


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