Some of the Coolest Ways to Make your Staircase Look Interesting

Most of us get so busy in decorating our bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms that we forget that even the staircase is an integral part of the house and needs some of your attention.

Staircases are really interesting places that can be decorated with many creative ideas and techniques. Depending upon your taste and liking, you can do a lot with a staircase and that too without the help of an interior designer or expensive items. The following are some of the cool ways to make your staircase look interesting:

coolest ways to make your staircase look interestingLighting it up

No one likes dark and gloomy staircases and hence lighting them up creatively is the first step towards decorating them. To make a staircase well lit, you can use overhead spotlights. Another interesting lighting idea is to use step lights on each of the steps or on alternate steps.  A very out of the box lighting tip for a staircase is to use trendy chandeliers.

Use Frames

One of the most popular and high appeal ideas to make your staircase look interesting is to hang pictures, photographs or frames on the staircase.  A staircase can act like a gallery with old and new photographs, interesting paintings and other such public images which may get a lot of attention from everyone who comes to your house.

Plant, Vases and Flowers

Decorating a staircase with plants and flowers in vases is a superb idea. Adding fresh green plants or colorful flowers is the easiest way to add brightness, color and freshness to a staircase and creates a very welcoming effect for anyone who enters your house through the stairs.  Choose interesting vases to put the flowers and plants in and bring in maximum color and earthy textures.

Choose an Interesting Paint

If you are someone who doesn’t like to hang anything on the stair walls or add vases or flowers to it, then one simple thing you can do to add that much needed element is to get them painted in a color which stands out or a print that is enough on its own. You can choose vertical or horizontal paints or can even go for interesting looking wallpaper on the staircase.

People these days go for contrasting shades of colors and wallpapers for adjacent walls of the staircase of their house and this gives a rather interesting feel.

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