Modern Garden Furniture Design

In case you are interested in modern garden furniture design you don’t necessarily have to think about items made of metal and glass. In fact, you can use many different kinds of materials and you can also have warm colors.

Modern Garden Furniture Design

A sphere

As one of the most interesting pieces that you could use for your garden furniture, think about a sofa in the shape of a sphere. Usually these are made of wood or other natural materials, such as bamboo. It is best if the sofa comes with white cushions.

Swinging chair

It is almost a must to think about special pieces. For instance, you could be thinking about a swing chair in the shape of an egg. Again, look for the pieces that come with white cushions.

Dining table

When thinking about the modern garden furniture design think about adding a table with four chairs. You can use this table for a variety of purposes. For a special touch, think about the tables that come with a faux concrete table top.

Dune daybed

The people looking for modern ideas for garden furniture should be thinking about a Dune daybed. This comes with a special turquoise color and a foot rest that you can also use as additional seating. The best thing about this piece of furniture is that the bed and the leg rest have matching shapes.

Circle of furniture

If you are interested in the modern garden furniture design most probably you already considered the sofas that come in a half circle. You can have two half circle sofas and a round table in the middle. There are some special tables that you can set a campfire in.

Storage bench

Storage space is always a problem area of the garden furniture. The garden furniture ideas also include adding a storage bench to your garden to store the pillows in. These come in numerous different colors and shapes for you to choose from. For a warmer look think about a wooden frame and white or nude colored cushions. Naturally the bench should match the rest of the furniture.

There are a lot of ideas regarding modern garden furniture design that you might like. However, you should make sure that they are truly suitable for the feel of your garden and also for the feel of your home.


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