Choosing The Right House Plants For Different Indoor Conditions

indoor plantsMany house plants do not require much sunlight and can work in bathrooms and the parts of your home that are darker.

A splash of ivy or a healthy philodendron will add an extra dimension to your living spaces.

Plants that flower will be better suited to a sunny room or even a conservatory: species like fuchsia, impatiens and begonias. [Growing Flowers]

The most common reason that houseplants die is from over watering, so go easy with the watering can. The rule of thumb is that the thicker the roots the less watering is required.

It is much better for a plant to dry out rather than rot from too much water, the former will recover the latter will not. If unsure, do a test with your finger to ascertain how dry or wet the soil actually is.

House plants can make great focal point in a room and you can even light them to add a more dramatic effect. Often they are very colorful in both leaf and flower or have very interesting shapes and form.

More delicate foliage will soften a room’s appearance while more spiky species will create a more modern feel.

Species like the spider plant can be easily propagated to increase your stock and many other types can also be divided in the spring. Large leaved varieties will benefit from leaf shine which keep them free from bacteria.

Plants that flower will appreciate feeding but not too much once a month is usually plenty to keep it flowering for as long as possible but never feed them in the winter. Many people have special ways of feeding their plants from fish food to banana skins but proper plant food is usually the best.

Another advantage in having plants in your home is that they naturally filter the air and have the ability to extract up to seventy percent of pollutants than can be found indoors.

Scientists actually recommend that species like pot mums, snake plants and spider plants are set every one hundred square feet in an office environment as these are really effective for reducing air pollution.

Other varieties such as philodendrons and scheffleras can absorb big amounts of benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Aloe vera is a great plant for its fantastic healing properties, for burns and cuts rubbing with a piece of the flesh will be instantly soothing.

Finally houseplants can be good therapy for the soul, on hot days they make us feel cooler and they are quite calming. It is nice to bring a bit of the outside indoor and houseplants do this just beautifully.


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