Roy Jacuzzi The Hero Who Brought Us The Hot Tub

hot tubThanks to Roy Jacuzzi, who was responsible putting the first air jet into a bath tub of water, hydrotherapy now benefits millions of people world wide.

Since 1968 when he made his invention the improvements to many individual’s health has transformed their lives.

This third generation immigrant, of an Italian family, set up a business which is now the market leader in hot tubs, and Jacuzzi sets the standard by which every other manufacturer follows. The man was a legend in his field and constantly came up with new designs and ideas.

Modern hot tubs are energy efficient, have excellent filtration systems, are solidly built and more affordable than you might imagine. They will soothe away the stress and strain of everyday living and are a great way of relaxing with friends and family.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and a range of prices to suit most budgets. The wooden tubs of the seventies have now made way for an all in one design which because they are quicker and simpler to make, mean that they are less expensive than ever before.

Installation is very straightforward, and there are many reputable companies out there. It is best to do a bit of research to find out what is available and decide what hot tub is best suited to your needs.

A warm-water massage will be produced by certain jets and can be great for the body’s circulation, a very effective beauty therapy.

From whirlpool to massage, the different types of jets can be confusing but your supplier should be able to de-mystify it all for you. You will not make a better choice than the original Jacuzzi brand but there are plenty of others around too.


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