Points to Remember While Buying Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney has emerged as one of the most beneficial product for your kitchen. Often the kitchen preparations are cooked with oil, spices, and other condiments for taste and flavour – the toll comes on the kitchen wares and a thick and greasy layer of oil can spread all over your kitchen in no time.  The gas and oil together turns your ceiling black and sticky.

Kitchen Chimney To protect your kitchen, the best and modernised remedy is chimney which will remove smoke quiet efficiently. Chimneys can be classified into two categories which are convectional and contemporary. To buy the apt kitchen chimney, you have to aware about few things which are as follows:


Budget is the key feature of buying any product. Depending on your budget you can choose chimney starting from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 10,000. They have different features, designs, material and capacity. Price also varies with brand and facilities. So don’t forget to keep the quality factor in mind while you decide on price.

Air suction capacity

Depending on the kind of food is majorly cooked; you have to choose your chimney’s air suction capacity. For those houses where non-vegetarian and fried dishes are made very often, they have to choose a chimney with 401m3/hr suction capacity, whereas the regular houses can opt chimney with 400m3/hr suction capacity.


It is the most important aspect of choosing a kitchen chimney. Blowers along with the motors remove oily vapour and gases from your kitchen and prevent the soot to stick back. Chimneys with more blowers will work fast and easy as well as it will create less noise. Hence depending on the pattern of food cooked in your house, you have to choose chimney either with low number of blowers or more blowers.


Chimneys are available in the sizes of 60 cm and 90 cm. If you have a spacious kitchen and you have a foodie family, then go for bigger size chimney or else you could choose the smaller one.


If you are quiet perfectionist, then there is wide range of designer chimneys available in the market. You can opt matching with your kitchen’s theme. The colour, design and structures are all different; you can go for the best one that matches your style.


Chimney you have chosen must have fire resistant capacity. Any part of it should not be made of any material that can catch fire. Check the durability of the material as well. It should be easy to clean also.


The modern chimneys have the amazing feature of auto-cleaning. If the price is no bar for you, it is always recommended to opt chimney with this feature which will have no maintenance cost.


Ducting is another important factor that comes in consideration while maintaining a chimney. You should channelize ducting process through shortest route consulting with your interior designer or plumber with recommended size. Narrow duct can reduce effectiveness of your chimney as well as its life.

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