Retro Styled Telephones for Your Home

Retro is the in thing in everything these days. From fashion to television, everyone is going retro.

So why not bring retro style home. A simple way to achieve this without much effort and making too many changes is to bring in accessories that give a retro feel to your house.

Retro Styled Telephones for Your Home

Telephones are one such accessory. Try these 6 retro telephone looks for your living room this season.

1. Standout Phone

Dress up your living area with this standout phone. These retro models come in two colors – classic black and silver.  If the antique pieces are ready to bore a hole in your pocket, then go for the newly manufactured ones. The advantage of these new varieties is that they will have push buttons in place of the round dialing ones and are also equipped with other modern features like ring alert LEDs, flash and redial buttons. This would be an ideal mix of old in the new.

2. Candlestick Phone

This retro phone will add interest to your conversations. With the mouth piece and the receiver separated, the phone will be a challenge to master for most of us who are used to the modern hand-free gadgets. However, we suggest you take the challenge and see how slowing down helps.

3. Desk Phone

The bulkier version of the standout phone, this one is ideal for your home office. It will make your office look chic and official in all manners.

4. Modern Retro phone

This retro phone is just retro by style. The features and utility are all ultra modern, to keep with times. This is ideal for those who want a retro style but will not compromise with technology. It is actually a cordless handset that is lodged on a charging pad loaded with eco-friendly battery. This vintage-inspired telephone is ideal for a contemporary home.

5. Retro Wall phone

Wall phones were a rage until the late 70s. People had them in kitchens and dining spaces for receiving calls while busy dishing up stuff for the family. No sitcom setting on television was complete without one. Today a makeover of the same would add bling to your home. Try adding one in bright colors such as scarlet red or royal blue. We are sure this piece will make a style statement and raise eyebrows of every visitor to your house.

6. Retro mobile phone

If you are thinking of those brick-sized blocky mobiles of the 90s then that is not what we are talking about. This has more to do with the receiver being plugged into your mobiles. These funky colored rubber receivers come with a universal plug-in wire which can be carried along anywhere. Just plug it in and get the retro feel even when you are on the go.


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