Hot or Cold, Always Sparkling and At Hand

Most people out there drink water, and many can do without the hassle of boiling water in a kettle or freezing water in the fridge or freezer or having to add ice. The Zip HydroTap can dispense either cold or boiling hot water depending on an individual’s preference.

It is cool to the touch and has a child safety lock, so people who have children around do not have to worry about them getting injured.


The Zip HydroTap can give up to 60 cups of boiling water in an hour as well as 85 cups of cold water making it ideal when entertaining a large number of people and needing a large amount of hot or cold water.

The water is hot enough that a person can make tea, instant coffee or a bowl of soup without any trouble, which is faster and more convenient than sitting around waiting for a kettle to whistle when someone is feeling sick or cold and in desperate need of nourishment.

It also helps to save water as well as being an energy saver which is not only great for the environment, but will also not bankrupt a person’s wallet because of the electric bill.


It also has a filter; making the water healthier for everyone to drink and no doubt better tasting. Another great feature is it is programmable, so a person can set what time they need the hot or cold water by and it will be ready to dispense it. Although it does have a lever it can also be programmed to release the water without using the lever.

There are other features that this product has and it is clearly one of the best products for someone who wants access to boiling hot or cold filtered water on tap.

Source : HydroTap


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