Best Tips to Design a Fancy Bedroom Wall

It is a deep desire for all to stay forever in their bedrooms, wrapped up in the comfort of linen sheets, surrounded by beautiful wall paintings, admiring the ever-inspiring wall hangings with good things printed on them, having exquisitely designed doors, photo walls, and of course, last but not the least-a touch of nature to it! Are you wondering if it is at all possible to decorate your room in this fancy manner? Well, here’s a good piece of news – yes it is possible and with only few tricks you can get such lavish and fanciful bedroom.

Tips to Design a Fancy Bedroom Wall

These few tips can help you redecorate your bedroom within a suitable range –

Paint your room right

They say that the color of the room is what defines your mood. So, try and keep it as soothing as possible. Try the colors which promote mental peace, and are not too bright as to hurt your eyes but neither too dark so as to make the room look dull and boring. Give a preference to light colors which make the room look bigger than it actually is and more spacious.

Brighten up the walls

Paint your walls with your imagination. Put up handmade paintings, wall hangings, photos, and other similar crafty items. Make your own constellation with string lights hung on a canvas board or else curtain your walls with fabric or with origami cranes, elephants or anything as bizarre. Last but not the least- doodling is the easiest way to reflect your oneness with your wall.

Illuminate the walls and the room

It is important to light the room adequately as that also adds to the beauty of your room and makes the room look bigger. Have sufficient lighting in your room so as not to make it dark. Put designer lamps around the bed head and use colored light bulbs for the same. Use light-colored curtains to allow early morning sunlight to filter through your room.

Add a touch of nature to it

Who doesn’t love nature? Especially when it can be brought into your own bedroom? Place one or two potted plants in your bedroom in such a way that they’re the first thing you look at when you get up in the morning – with the walls as the backdrop. They make your day much better than a mere cup of coffee! You can also get a professional painter and paint few flowers or creeping plants just beside the window pane wall or above the bed head rest.

With all these tricks and suggestions, get ready to adorn your bedroom walls on a completely different level. So, happy decorating!

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