5 Best Interior Designers in The World

Interior designing is often considered as an easy job accomplished with a little bit of learning from here and there—the truth couldn’t be farther than this. Interior designing is an art, and only those with a knack for it can do it. It is one thing only professionals can pull off with great mastery and flawlessness.

There are many interior designers across the globe, but only a few have touched the pinnacle of extraordinary artistic and professional excellence. In this article, we will talk about a few of such personalities who have excelled immensely in interior designing.

Five best interior designers in the world

So, here is a list of five interior designers that are amazing at what they do:

1. Jean-Louis Deniot

Jean-Louis Deniot has been crowned as one of the finest interior designers across the globe by international magazines such as ELLE Décor. He has been in this business for quite some time, and everyone recognizes him for his playfulness with his work.

If you see Deniot’s work, you will find certain indispensable elements embodying the materialistic transformations of his visions such as doses of history, emblematic and eclectic interiors, etc. His works will pull you into some kind of wormhole filled with uncanny purity and beauty.

2. Peter Marino

Pete Marino is a famous interior designer who places his wisdom on illusions. He believes that his works should emanate a scene of illusion and transcendence, and, at the same time, stick to reality. The sort of concoction Peter aims to accomplish in his works is simply outstanding.

Peter is known for his full-fledged utilization of aesthetic architecture and simplistic designs in distinct combinations that give away a strong sense of awe.

3. Marcel Wanders

Charting at no. 3 in our list, Marcel Wanders is a Dutch interior designer who came into limelight in the year 1996 when he came up with the incredible Knotted chair that swept away the world of interior designing in no time.

Marcel is often considered as an anomaly in the Interior designing industry, but his vision is a widely respected one. He believes that his creations should be able to communicate an ambiance of passion, excitement, and love and that they should make the onlooker believe in dreams.

It seems that Marcel gives his creations a story!

4. Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck is one interior designer who does everything his own way, and this is evident when you see his creations which are as unconventional as he is. However, despite injecting into his creations the essence of his idiosyncrasies, he ensures that his creations are never rendered purposeless.

Many of Starck’s designs showcase cult objects, timeless icons, and unconventional dimensions. He is a strong believer of sustainability and ensures the same in his creations such as adding solar boats, inexpensive wind turbines, etc.

5. Kelly Wearstler

Crowned as the “grande dame of West Coast interior design”, Kelly Wearstler is an active blogger, author, and an acclaimed interior designer. Her creations showcase extravagant utilization of jewelry, sheets, lights, striking dark tones, etc.


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