Exciting Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Though most of the time spent in your bedroom is shrouded in darkness, appropriate bedroom lighting is essential to illuminate the tasks that do take place in your bedroom.

You also need to ensure that the lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere, and that it does not exceed your budget.

Here are a few bedroom lighting tips that satisfy both criteria: a soft, soothing atmosphere that also provides bright spots for reading and other activities in your bedroom:

Dim the mood

Dim lighting is the most perfect choice for the bedroom because it is generally spent on relaxing. Try not to have too many lights and go for soft overhead lights rather than matching bedroom lamps.

Color-code the walls

The color scheme of your bedroom plays a vital role in creating the ambience and mood. The way in which the lighting is used also depends on the color of the walls and furnishings in your bedroom. While bright colors are popular choices for kid’s rooms, blue is best for a cool and calming effect.

Strategize lamps: Ensure lamps are installed at strategic points where you need light to perform morning tasks, like tying shoes, brushing hair and getting dressed. Keep a lamp right above your eyes, pointed directly down. Avoid placing the light too high, but also not so low that it shines in your eyes.

Add dramatic highlights: If you want a dramatic lighting effect in your bedroom, fix a linear lighting system underneath your bed. This will give your bedroom a beautiful warm glow and can even create the appearance that your bed is almost floating. You can achieve the same kind of effect by placing the light fixtures under your bedroom shelves.

The range of light fixtures, bedroom lamps, up-lighters, pendants and others are as infinite as your ideas, so take your time to select what suits your mood, personality and create the desired effect.


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