Tips To Incorporate Color Therapy Into Your Home

color therapyCertain colors can undoubtedly elevate your mood and make you feel happier and choosing the colors that you want to surround yourself with can have a distinct bearing upon your life: your mood, you energy levels and even your health.

Colors are said to vibrate and each is said to have its own frequency and therefore may be able to affect your health, your mood and your general sense of well being.

Ideally the right colors will make your home a place of peace, harmony and wellbeing, since color is light energy that affects living cells.

Home is the best place for practical application of color therapy since this is the place that is your sanctuary, the place where you rest, relax and spend the most enjoyable moments of your life. Some tips for creating a therapeutic environment within the house are:

  • Yellow is a lovely, cheerful and welcoming color, so a good place for yellow would be the kitchen. It is to your kitchen that you will head to make your first cup of coffee in the morning; decorate it in a sunshine color that is evocative of the first rays of sunshine, or the cheerful positivity of fresh flowers. A softer shade of yellow, say a lemon yellow in a pretty pastel would be ideal for the kitchen. Blue however is not advisable for the kitchen.
  • Certain colors make an area appear bigger because they make objects recede, and some colors can make a room look smaller because they make objects such as walls appear to be closer. Cool colors such as green, blue and violet are those that can make an area appear bigger while warmer colors such as orange, red and yellow can make the place look smaller.
  • If there is a study or library to be decorated, go with colors such as green. Green is the color that is said to focus directly on the retina and is supposed to be the easiest color to see. So if the room to be decorated is where one plans to do any activity requiring concentration and focus, green is a good choice.
  • To make the ceiling of a room appear higher than it is, it is advisable to color it in lighter shade than the walls.
  • When choosing paint color, choose a shade or two lighter than the one you like because light falling on the painted walls will make it look a lot different from the sample.


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