How to Make the Most of Your Bedroom Furniture

If you asked people what they most want in their homes, the majority would say more space. But did you know that you can easily increase your living space without having to go through the stress and hassle of knocking down walls or moving to a bigger property?

With a little thought and planning you can transform any room and make the most of the space at your disposal. Often this means using your furniture to its full advantage – and here are a few ideas of how to do that in your bedroom.

How to Make the Most of Your Bedroom Furniture

Choosing bedroom furniture

Before you decide what type of bedroom furniture you want it’s a good idea to clear all the clutter from your room and perform a quick inventory of the things you want to keep. This way you know how much space you need and therefore what units to look for. You can even make a little money towards the cost of your new room by selling the things you don’t want.

Clearing out any freestanding furniture that doesn’t fit within the size of your room or isn’t in-keeping with your current design allows you to create a more practical space to sleep in. For more inspiration, see the range of bedroom furniture at Betta Living that include clever storage solutions that are perfect for those limited on space.

Savvy storage

Most people tend to run out of space in their homes due to lack of storage; so make sure you come up with some clever solutions to maximise space in your room. Fitted wardrobes are a great idea if you want floor to ceiling cupboard space and in most cases you can keep everything you need, such as clothing, shoes and extra bedding, stored neatly in this one area.

Built in wardrobes that include major conveniences (like a place to keep your jewellery and shoe racks) are a great option and limit the amount of additional storage facilities you’ll need to add to your room.

Your bed is another great option for adding storage space, with lots of beds providing built in storage via drawers. These are ideal for storing bedding, towels and linen as well as other accessories you may struggle to place elsewhere.

Match your furniture

Mismatched furniture can make rooms appear cluttered and over complicated. If you want to create a light and spacious feel then make sure all of your furniture matches – even if you purchase it from separate retailers.

If you’re choosing fitted wardrobes, opt for sliding doors so the clean lines of your room won’t be broken up. You’ll also benefit from the fact you won’t need to allow extra floor space to open the doors.

If you’re on a budget, paint the furniture you have a uniform colour so it all matches. You’ll need to sand it down first to create a key and to ensure a professional finish. You may prefer to buy simplistic furniture designs from retailers which will match with most other units.


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