Best Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

In case you are renovating your home you may consider that the last thing you need to think about are the bathroom tile shower ideas. However, soon enough you will realize that such ideas are quite important for the success of your project.

Best Bathroom Tile Shower Ideas

French roast coffee and biscuits

As the name suggests, in this case Matte Glacier and Santiago French Roast tiles are used to create a contrast. Although it is quite unusual for a bathroom, in this case dark brown and bright blue colors are used to create contrast and bring the bathroom to life.

Travertine tiles

The people looking for luxury regarding the tips for bathroom tile in the shower should really consider the travertine tiles. These tiles look amazing on their own, but their effect can be enhanced by using matching corner caddies, soap dish, chair rail and seat. It is best to leave the installation of the tiles to professionals.

White mosaic

If you don’t mind having an all-white bathroom, this is one of the bathroom tile shower ideas to go for. These tiles offer a fresh and crisp feeling to the bathroom. The good news about these tiles is that you don’t need to install thousands of mosaics one by one because they are set on one backing.

Checkerboard bathroom

This one of the bathroom tile shower tips is most suitable for the bold people. Although it takes some courage, you should also know that if you use a chocolate brown shade instead of black, you can achieve a really warm effect without giving the style up.

Stay elegant

The elegance of this one of the bathroom tile shower ideas is given by the fact that the tiles are placed diagonally, not to mention that the light brown shade also offers a more elegant look. This kind of tile is suitable in case there will be some furniture in the bathroom that will create contrast.

Marazzi tiles

When looking for advice regarding bathroom shower tiles you should know that Marazzi is one of the top manufacturers of tiles and mosaics. The company offers simple mosaics that can really marvel the eyes. Think about beige mosaics combined with dark colored furniture and a white sink.

In case of the bathroom tile shower ideas, the most important thing is to allow your personality to shine through the style of the tiles.


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