How to Decorate With Vases

No house or interior décor is complete without flowers and vases. Here are 8 different ideas on how you can decorate your interiors with vase and a flower arrangement to go with it.

How to Decorate With Vases

1. Mugs

Commemorative or souvenir mugs are something that every household is bound to have. Usually after a few years of serving as art pieces, they take a back seat and all is forgotten about them. But here is a novel of putting such mugs to use. You can use wide bottomed mugs to put the peonies or roses from your garden. The trick is to put them next your bed, on your desk or the counter tops in bathrooms or kitchen as they can only be enjoyed up close.

2. Trumpet Vases

These large vases give a natural shape when flowers are placed in them. Choose grand flowers such as hyacinths, sweet peas and ranunculus which fill the space of a trumpet vase easily. The vintage varieties of this vase rend a regal look the entire setting.

3. Bud Vases

Bud vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for displaying buds of large flowers such as anemones. Alternately, you can use them to sort out an assortment of flowers from a bouquet. The flowers thus sorted out can be displayed in different rooms of the house as separate arrangements.

4. Cylinders

Ideal for showing off long-stemmed flowers, the cylinders are vases which will liven up any room. Clear cylinders with well-manicured stems will give the feel of a mini tree in your living room.

5. Ginger Jars

Often found in antique finishes, these jars serve the purpose of displaying the colors of spring in your indoors. Choose a flowering variety that has long stems with packed blossoms throughout. Delphiniums are one such variety.

6. Pitchers

A pitcher comes in various sizes and transparency. From glass to ceramics, you could make use of wooden pitchers too. Use large blossoms such as tulips to fill the pitchers as their base is strong enough to hold these bulky flowers.

7. Footed Bowls

Usually used on the dining tables to display fruits, the footed bowl can be creatively used to exhibit the blossoms of the season. Go for the short stemmed large flowers and arrange them to form a pyramid shape in the bowl. This will make the arrangement look lovely and firm.

8. Bowls

Bowls are lovely pieces for keeping aromatic flowers. You could float any scented flower – from roses to gardenia and jasmine to marigold. Just watch the magic unfold as you leave them in the room with a tea light floating among them. Transparent, colored and brass bowls are commonly used for flower arrangements.


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