Tips for Creating Attractive Wood Molding Decor

Just like good accessories make dresses look wonderful, simple rooms can be made into attractive looking houses with the techniques of wood molding. With this, you need not modify the entire wall or ceiling, but just add different molding patterns on the wall so that the room looks like an interior decorators wonder. Below given are some ideas which you can use for giving your house a revamped look. There are different types of woods like paintable or lightweight or non-stainable with which you can use for this purpose. Read more below:



Keep it simple:

If you have a room which is edgy and perfect in shape of a square, you can opt for a plain wooden molding design in order to give your home a contemporary yet classy and simple look. This can be ideal for a study room or a yoga room in your house.

Have multiple bands:

You can use multiple bands of trip in order to create a dramatic look for the room. The base molding can be a big looking one with the other two becoming thinner. If you do not use crown moldings, the trim will not look very overpowering and will give a balanced look to the home décor.

Plain trim:

If you design it perfectly, even a plain trim can make your house look really beautiful. You can not only use moldings to frame the doors, but also use them at the base and the top of the walls. This way, you can turn a plain looking ceiling as well as walls into really attractive looking ones without spending a lot on it.

Create an old word look:

You can create a vintage look by using brown wooden moldings and taking them all over to the ceiling and hanging huge lights as chandeliers. The trim can also be used to hide the light fitting wires which otherwise make walls and ceilings look unattractive.

Trim the moldings thin:

If you want to have a clean and modern look, you can use thin trims around the doors, ceiling borders and walls. You can have them in light colors in order to create a contemporary look. Keep the shades lighter but make sure that they are darker than the color of the wall.

Put them inside the windows:

It is not always necessary to put the trims around the doors and windows. You can instead put them inside the borders of the windows or doors and keep them in darker shades.

Divide the trim:

If you have a really large room with tall ceilings, you can fix the moldings only till the normal ceiling height so that the room feels small in space and gives a cozy feeling.

Fix them on kitchen cabinets:

It is not necessary to have moldings only on walls, ceilings, windows or doors. It can be fixed on kitchen cabinets as well. You can crown the cabinets with trims or fix them all around the kitchen furniture and you can also go a little bold with these designs.


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