Choose the Right Furniture with These 8 Tips

Moving into the dream home with your family? Well then, your first priority has to be furniture. Keep these 8 important tips in mind before setting out to buy the furniture for your home.

1. Plan your budget

This is the most important decision to be made at the very beginning. Decide on a budget and make sure that it fits in with your income. Try not to over spend. Purchase the bare essentials first, like the bed, a few chairs or a sofa and a dining table, followed by luxurious furniture pieces like coffee tables, fancy wooden cupboards and cabinets, sectional sofa lounges etc.

2. Material of furniture

Take your time to select the material of your furniture based on your budget and the material’s durability. Go for steel cabinets and cupboards instead of wooden ones, if you are purchasing on a tight budget. A bed made of wrought iron is cheaper than a bed of the same dimensions and measurement made of mahogany wood or hardwood.

Choose the Right Furniture with These 8 Tips

3. Dimensions and measurements

Ensure that the furniture you buy fits in perfectly in the different rooms of your house, leaving ample space for you to move about the house. Don’t stuff your house with a lot of fancy furniture items. This not only spoils the interior décor, but also takes up all the free space in your room. So refrain from buying that cute little cupboard. You don’t really need it. Make sure that you are aware of the dimensions of your bedroom before buying a bed. Don’t buy one too large for your room or too small to sleep comfortably with the ones you love.

4. A plain or box bed

This is an important choice to make. A box bed comes with a box-like compartment where you can store mattresses that you only need in winter and other bedding materials. A bed box is preferable for rooms that are small or do not have enough space to accommodate enough cupboards. Buy a plain bed if you have a separate cupboard for stashing away whatever you would have stored in the box bed. A plain bed is light-weight, sleek and makes your room feel spacious and the interior décor, quite fashionable too.

5. Design and varnish

Don’t experiment with styles and design of your furniture if you are not a professional in interior decoration. There are ways to mix and match the designs but your rooms will look messy if you don’t do it the right way. Keep it simple and suited to your home décor when it comes to style. If the room has a contemporary feel to it, then purchase furniture with clean varnish, plain yet classy design and modern-day colours. And if your room has been designed on traditional line, then go for wooden furniture with classically designed trimmings and embellishments.

6. Buy a piece of antique furniture

An antique coffee table goes a long way to enhance the interior decoration of the living room. Visit the nearest or the most authentic auction house to make sure that the antique furniture item that you buy is actually antique before buying it in exchange of a little fortune. Check for labels, stamps or signatures, stencilled digits or anything that indicates its date of manufacture. Antique pieces are renowned for false bottoms and hidden drawers. This will be an interesting buy, but of course, if you are running low on budget, do not even think about antiquities.

7. A balanced geometry of furniture

Interior decorator have always stressed on a balanced geometry when it comes to furniture. Use a mix of circular, square, oval and rectangular shapes but make sure that the final decoration is well composed in terms of geometry. You must also ascertain that one shape does not dominate another in your room.

8. Choose a suitable EMI option

And now comes the actual buying part. You may discover that your budget is  not enough to afford the furniture that you need. If this is the case, then choose an EMI scheme that is suited to your monthly income and pay for your furniture in equated monthly instalments without any worries whatsoever.


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