How To Install An Outdoor Fireplace Safely?

Today, an outdoor fireplace is the in-thing, and most new houses have this feature installed.

This sort of thing has become popular with home owners, because of the spirit of fun and adventure that an outdoor fireplace connotes.

You too can get an outdoor fireplace installed if you wish. However, before you do so, there are some security tips you must consider, so that your safety and that of your family is never compromised.

  • First, decide on the spot where you will have your outdoor fireplace installed. Then find out about the building and safety rules and city ordinances about outdoor fireplaces, and make sure that you follow them to the tee.
  • Make sure that the fireplace is as far away as possible from your home. This will ensure the safety of your home, your plants, and your loved ones.
  • You could check out the design of the Mexican ‘chimineas’ made out of clay or cast iron or cast aluminum. These are extremely efficient outdoor fireplaces, and are safe as well, and they draw the smoke away through the neck portion, bringing in fresh air drafts through into the burning fire.
  • You could try the traditional ‘fire pit’ too. However, this will cause a lot of smoke to circulate, and perhaps your city ordinances do not permit you to pollute the atmosphere with smoke. Check it out.
  • No matter what type of outdoor fireplace you choose, make sure that the fire is kept protected behind a special screen. This will prevent sparks from jumping out and causing burn injuries on the persons sitting close to the fire.  Remember, even if a small spark lands on the roof of your home, it may set off a raging fire within a short while, and you must do everything you can to prevent this.
  • If you are planning to cook on your outdoor fireplace, make sure that the equipment and the implements you have are all of standard issue, and that you remain far away from the fire when you are using them.
  • Children present close to the outdoor fireplace must be supervised closely. Not only must they be cautioned against getting too close to the fire, but they must also be warned against horseplay close to the fire, in order to prevent one or more of them from falling inadvertently into the fire. Teach children and all your family members the stop-drop-and-roll method of putting out a fire, as this method will extinguish the fire if it has already caught onto the clothes of the person. Never wear, as well, clothes that have things dangling from them; you never know what may catch fire.

Remember, prevention is a much better bet than cure, and you must be prepared with all the safety rules and regulations when you install an outdoor fireplace.


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