Tips To Add Natural Fragrance To Your Home

Are you worried with moldy or stale smell in your home?

Actually, most of the house owners have this problem and usually go for a bottle of air fresheners that lasts for an hour or two.

Here are few tips that makes your home smell good naturally.

Don’t shut windows

If you close windows of your home always, open them. The actual purpose of windows is to refresh your home and make it fresh all the time.

Not only it refreshes air in your home but also uplifts the lighting of your home. So, make sure to open windows of your home, particularly in early morning and late evenings.

Grow good smelling flowers indoors

There are many flowering plants that you can grow in your indoors. Choose the one that gives good smell to your room and take good care of it.

Keep scented natural products

You can keep pinecones, nuts, wood chips in a bowl and use it for your home decor. They will not only help as good home décor, but also give good smell to your home.

Prevent odors from your kitchen

You have various options to prevent odors from your kitchen like you can use chimneys or exhaust fans. Use them while cooking, particularly fish. Always keep your kitchen neat and clean, which helps a lot to prevent musty smell of your home.


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