Going The Extra Mile On Selecting Exterior House Colors

Color is what brings vivacity to a picture. Without it a sunset would only be like a circular light on a wide gray sky. However, color wrongly set and used for the wrong purpose produces chaos and disorientation.

In abstract paintings, disorientation and peculiar mix of colors may be considered an art. This fact however may not readily apply for selecting the right mix for exterior house colors.

A red roof with tangerine walls, blue painted gutters and green fences will not create a good picture at all.

Exterior house colors are essential components that complete the beauty of a house from outside. The turns and twists of how intricate the corners of a house were made can be either emphasized or ruined by the right or wrong shade of color used on it.

Carefully picked and planned exterior house colors complete the whole package of what a house is.

Picking out exterior house colors is not really a complicated thing. But it is definitely not your average everyday activity. It is well and good if you pull in the right shades. If not, it could cost you more for the tweaking.

Avoid the possibility of spending because of dissatisfaction and selecting the best exterior house colors for your humble abode. In selecting exterior house colors you just have to know what you want and find out how to properly place them.

Go the extra mile on these basic steps and find out that you could do more for the least effort.

Easy steps to follow in choosing exterior house colors

The dominant ones

Some of us have a color preference that we hope to use as an exterior house color. Others want at least two of their preferred colors in place.

There is nothing wrong with that. But when you have two dark colors like royal blue and dark brown, you may want to use one as an accent to the other to produce a visually pleasing effect.

Having two or more very strong or otherwise dominant exterior house colors may not have the effect that you desire when jammed up together in no particular array.

One light to go bright

After choosing the dark and dominant ones, choose one light color that will complement them. In choosing a light color, make sure that it’s the right blend for all the dark colors that you have in place.

White is a very neutral color, but may reduce the overall effect of exterior house colors[color wheel] to boring. Choose a color that will bring out the brightness of all the rest.

Proper place to ace

When you already have all the colors, decide and research on how to put them in proper places. One general goal of your exterior house colors is to enhance, accentuate and create optical illusions.

Dark colors define and enhance the points and turns of your houses, while light colors widen it. Further enhance this knowledge by investing on reading materials that will help you further know how colors should be placed to ace the overall effect.


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