Animal Prints For Your Home – Pros And Cons

For better or for worse, the animal print motif as a home decorative template is back and for us that means an invitation (or at least an excuse) to go really wild!

Whether it is a leopard print sofa that you want to go for or a zebra patterned rug that caught your fancy or indeed a jungle themed accent wall, you can give free reign to your flights of jungle fantasy, while keeping the following in mind:

animal print beddingThe Pros:

  • Animal and jungle themed décor options can be bold and exciting and give you that all important pick me up each day, uplifting your mood and giving you that little extra vim and vigor for the day ahead.
  • Jungle or animal patterns can spell luxury or glamour. For those that want to have a Hollywood-esque touch to their homes, they cannot go wrong with this design option. In the past as well, movies tended to feature all the rich and famous as being ensconced in seeming jungle fantasies.
  • As a décor theme, this can actually reflect your own personality; particularly it can reflect a bold, extroverted and glamorous personality. And it can spice up more than one room in the house!
  • Now you no longer have to slaughter endangered species to decorate your home, that tiger striped throw you had your eye on, is now available in faux.

leopard print sofa

  • You don’t have to do everything in this one theme, perhaps one or two animal or jungle inspired accents could actually enhance a Spartan or minimalist setting. Imagine a stark black and white living room setting with a zebra print rug to enliven it; this is something that could really work!

The cons:

  • Everything jungle themed or animal patterned can be rather much, and one may, after the initial euphoria, find the setting just a little overwhelming and difficult to take day after day.
  • It is easy to go overboard with this décor theme, and maintaining a balance between good taste and a yen to add a touch of glamour may be rather difficult to accomplish.
  • A design décor idea such as this may quickly look dated and may quickly transition from hot and happening to out!
  • Also if you have a jungle or animal theme décor it is difficult to mix and match that with other design styles or accents since these can be rather overwhelming to other subtler or more understated themes.


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