Bring Nature Indoors To Decorate The Home

Ilan Dei Studio has always been different designing studio. Their unusual ideas in home décor are known as extravagant, fresh and artistic.

Their latest collection is inspired by the green life style and offers to install the forest in your home. The nature is closer than ever in their amazing furniture, lighting and accessories.

The studio is offering table sets made with rough tree logs in their natural look, directly inserted and equipped to be used as chairs, tables and even lamps.

urban logs 01This street-art idea came to designers after their latest project, where artists were trying to add more nature accents into designing. The logs, which the designers are offering are modified with seating sponges.

urban logs 02The usage of maximum natural materials and their pure design brought an impressive success to Ilan Dei Studio. Now, after this unusual collection we can tell that there are designers directly linked to the environment and natural design.

urban logs 03

urban log 04


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