The Dream Marriage Between Ariete And Palombini

Ariete PalombiniFor those who love coffee, a coffeemaker is of course essential. For those who love cappuccinos, but are terrified by the futuristic, space age look of most cappuccino machines, the new Ariete Palombini may be the one that at last ends those fears.

It has 850 watts, which is neither amazing nor horrifying because there are machines out there with 700 watts and machines with 1000 watts. It also has a removable drip tray, so it can be cleaned.

The 15 bar pressure pump is also not very new; however, the design, price and simplistic feel of this espresso machine may be what win over shoppers.

The design of this machine is both sleek and elegant, making it a welcome accessory to any kitchen décor.

Its design is also more simplistic than the dual coffee and cappuccino machines on the market. The tank where water is placed is visible, so a person can see exactly how much water they are putting into it.

Not only does this machine look amazing, but the price is also very tempting as it is about $170, which is actually a pretty decent price, particularly because of how much easier it will be for the novice cappuccino maker to make one.

The design is more compact and stylish; easily able to fit into a little corner of kitchen counter and it is less complicated than many of the cappuccino machines out there. Its design and ease of use is likely to give stiff competition to its competitors.

Source : Appliancist


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