Useful tips for Selecting the Best Cooktop

A cooktop is a stove which is built into a kitchen corner instead of having it attached to an oven. It is an alternative to the freestanding cooking stoves and it is usually purchased along with the double oven. Cooktops come in gas well as electric power operations and these days, cooktops come in different designs and materials as well. You should consider your budget, design preferences and theme in order to select the right cooktop for your kitchen. Below given are some tips which you need to follow in order to select the right cooktop. Read more:


  • Consider using gas cooktops over electric ones because you will have to pay more for the electricity usage. If budget is not your concern, then you can choose electric cooktops because they heat faster than gas cooktops.
  • Gas cooktops help you control the heat easily whereas it is slow to control the heat changes on electric cooktops. Hence, select the cooktops according to the way you prefer to cook your meals.
  • Decide if you want a smooth surfaced cooktop or the one with coils. The one with coils is of a traditional pattern whereas smooth ones are getting popular these days because of their sleek designs which are easy to clean. Choose according to your preferences.
  • If you cook more often, buy the one with more burners and if you make a lot of food at once, choose a cooktop with 6 burners and otherwise, a cooktop with three burners becomes sufficient. Do not unnecessarily buy the one with more cooktops.
  • Consider checking the size of the burners. There are different sizes of burners available for the cooktops and choose the one according to the cookware size which you usually use. Consider buying a cooktop with different sized burners so that you can cook in different sized pots and pans effectively.
  • You can choose between a cooktop with open or sealed burners. When you choose sealed burners, the flames stay in the center and with open burners; the flames spread more but at the same time, require more energy too.
  • Choose a cooktop with additional features. There is often a bridge that connects two burners of a cooktop so that large pans can be placed on it. There are also light sensors in some cooktops which give you the measure of the level of heat. Some also allow you to adjust heat electrically and have default heat measures set for different foodstuffs according to the kind of cooking required for it.
  • Measure the space on your countertop before you select the cooktop so that it does not get oversized or undersized.
  • Choose a cooktop with a simple design so that it is easy to clean it regularly.
  • Select a cooktop which offers warranty over any defect caused in its usage. Also select the one which is easy to operate.
  • Select a cooktop according to the design of your kitchen. Match the color to the décor of your kitchen so that it blends well with the interiors easily.



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