Points to be Considered before Buying Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Washing machines are becoming a part and parcel of your life as it saves you a lot of time. You can select amongst a lot of washing machines models available, based on the size of your family, type of machine and price. Fully automatic washing machines have become one of the most popular choices of the age as the powerful motor rotates rapidly and does all the washing and drying at one touch; all you need to do is select a mode according to the items you need to wash.

Before you buy any Home appliance it is important to assess the utility, functionality and budget so that your need is fulfilled. Specific to washing machines, factors to be considered are, the size of your laundry, frequency of usage, type of clothes, the availability of space, noise the machine makes etc to narrow down your search. Energy and water saving is another important factor that impacts the total cost of ownership of the appliance. Buy a machine that best suits your needs, budget and lifestyle.

points to be considered before buying fully automatic washing machine

Some Criteria to Consider Before Buying A Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Washing Machine Capacity

The capacity is the maximum load the machine can handle in one cycle. For best cleaning results, it is important that the laundry in the tub gets enough space to move around.

Washtub Material

Washing machine tubs are made of plastic, porcelain or stainless steel. Though expensive, durability of stainless steel tub is greater as it can withstand high temperature and spin speeds.

Special Programs

There is a wide array of program settings to cater for the ease of use and comforts such as automatic dispensers, temperature controls, delay timers, auto restart etc.

Safety Features

Stability while spinning, rodent protection, child lock, auto restart are some safety features which are available.

Spin Cycle

Most machines come in the spin speed of 600-1800 rpm ( revolutions per minute.) The higher the rpm, the drier your clothes will come out if it.

Additional Pointers to Ease Your Purchase

Size and Frequency

Find the approximate weight of your laundry. If you wash loads daily, buy a larger load capacity as it will save you on your utility bills.

Space Available for Installation

Measure the available space so that you can decide onto the dimensions of the machine.

Energy Efficiency

The average consumption of electricity and water in a wash cycle measures its efficiency. Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) star ratings is a benchmark. The more the star rating, the more energy efficient is the appliance.

After Sales Services, Warranty

Do check for the availability of services in your locality.


Make sure the machine should have easy access to power supply, water supply and drainage system.

The Advantages of Buying a Fully Automated Washing Machine

  • Compact space utilization, design and space availability.
  • Soaking is also done at the start of wash, no manual soaking necessary.
  • Power back up feature is available and is water efficient and light weight.
  • Some good features are available like child lock and delay start.
  • Generally it has more cycle settings and shorter wash cycles. You can add clothes midway. They have shorter wash cycle

Thus to sum up, water and energy efficiency, availability of space, type  and size of laundry, cost, special features etc are some of the main  factors you should consider while buying a fully automatic washing machine.


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