7 Tips to Clean Steam Iron

You may or may not like the chore of ironing clothes, but the fact remains that it is an important aspect of the day to day lives of most people. If you are someone who finds ironing boring, there is something about having the correct and well maintained piece of equipment which will improve the quality of your ironing-time.

It is only with proper and utmost care that you can expect a steam iron to serve you for a long period of time. To make it possible for all of you to keep your irons clean, listed below are a few helpful tips to clean steam iron. Make a note of them and life will become easier one tip at a time.

tips to clean steam iron

  • Most people clean the inside of their steam irons by adding filling in water, leaving it hot for about 15 minutes. The tip here is to fill half the capacity with hot water and the rest half with vinegar. Then run it on hot for a bit, say 15 minutes and let it sit till completely cool.
  • If the buildup is more than it is always smart to repeat the cleaning process. Another tip when you have to repeat the step is to maybe skip on adding vinegar (do this at least once in the end) so that the vinegar also gets washed out.
  • The next tip is for the people who have non stick sole plates. The soles usually clean themselves, but melted plastic won’t come off itself. To get rid of it, place a foil on the board, sprinkle some salt on it and then roll your iron all over it. This way the plastic will become loose and eventually come off completely without damaging the non-stick part of the sole plate.
  • If you are a little wary of using foil paper as mentioned above, you can also do the salt trick on a towel (like a cotton towel or even a paper towel).
  • A lot of people use products like a Mr. Clean eraser, or a sole/ iron cleaner available at many stores. And while it is very smart to use these products (as they are safe), they may cause damage if used on hot iron. The tip would thus be to ensure that you use it on cool iron, or else it may cause more damage.
  • When the iron plates have tough stains which won’t leave, a mix of baking soda (in water) can work wonder. Consider this tip and you will most likely get rid of every bit of rust from the sole.
  • It might happen that you may burn a piece of clothing while ironing it. If so, the instinct may be to just let the iron sit to cool before doing anything about it. Well consider placing a wet sponge as soon as possible after the cloth has been burnt. The shift of temp might help the burnt material peel off easily.


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