A Trendy Bathroom With Visentin LED

Have you ever looked around your bathroom and thought hmmm this is a little bit blah. Most bathrooms have the same basic look. Haven’t you ever just wanted to brighten it up? Change a few things so that it does not look like every other bathroom in the world?

Visentin has a trendy new look to their shower heads… yes… I said shower heads that will be not only bathroom changing, but also a life changing experience.

These Visentin LED shower heads looks amazing. Visentin is an Italian design company specializing in bathroom design. They decided that it would be ultra trendy to take a shower head, mount it on a ceiling and surround it by an array of colored LED lights to have a therapeutic effect.

This is chromotherapy. Also, sometimes it is just a bit shadowy in the shower area, so a nice light right over your head would be an amazing thing sometimes.

It will make it so much easier and a brighter and more inviting place to relax and wash the troubles of your stressful day away. Your bathroom will be the envy of everyone that sees it and you will be happy with the new look.

Source: Visentin


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