Rice Cooker Vs. Steamer for Your Kitchen

Cooking light is quite of a trend, so there is no wonder so many trendy kitchens are looking forward to get in line with it.

As kitchen gear goes, the decorating can cover so much. This is why getting the right household gadgets able to make our lives better is the right way to go.

A steamer is surely something else when it comes to complex cooking. Steaming is a delicate art and a steamer in your kitchen will surely allow you to try on a large variety of cooking routines.

vegetable steamer

The beauty of a steamer is that it can stop the steam according to the interval set and it can cook a large variety of food from rice, to eggs, vegetables, meat or fish while leaving the nutrients and vitamins untouched.

Oster offers both mechanical and electrical steamers while Black & Decker may get you the best price in the market. For example Phillips Pure Essential has a taste intensifier which is able to add a delicious taste by improving the absorption of spices in the cooked food.

The beauty of such a device is that it comes with a recipe book, time intervals easy to be set perfectly according to your needs, and a feature able to show you when it needs cleaning.

rice cooker

The rice cooker is basically based on the same principle. In spite of being limited due to the fact that it only cooks rice, this cute kitchen addition saves you a lot of trouble when cooking Chinese or Thai.

The so many trends call for introducing steamed rice into the modern kitchen. In addition to providing an easy to cook option the rice cooker also saves you a lot of fuss and gets your meal done in 20 minutes.

Of course most of the rice cookers allow you to cook rice in combination with eggs, milk and many other foods. Maybe it is more limited than the steamer, but it surely is a brilliant machine.

As an addition, the rice cooker comes in a large variety of technology from basic to high end. While the basic simply boils the rice and can be purchased for a very acceptable price, the high end options bring forward customizable levels of moisture and hardness and a higher cost.

When compared, many of us would go for a steamer but if steamed meat and veggies are not your thing, the rice cooker would fit you better.

However if you are the owner of a high tech, green kitchen, a steamer will be the right choice.


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