When in Need of a Change, Paint the Hardwood Floors

In case your floors are wooden floors and you didn’t renovate them in years, then you probably need to refresh the hardwood floors’ look. If you are on a budget, go for decorative painting of the wood floors. It is a very modern trend that is actually inexpensive and affordable.

hardwood flooring

Repainting is also an option, but if you choose to draw some patterns and ornament, your entire home interior will change.

The basic preparation for the decorative painting of the floors is easy and you can do it by yourself. All you need to do is to wash, scrap and sand your floors.

wood floor cleaning

The scraping and sanding is needed to remove the gloss, especially if the floor is varnished.

Priming is the very next thing to do before painting. Choose the right paint before starting the work. Do not use oil-base paint for it will take too much time to dry, apart from being inconvenient.

paint flooring

As for the color, shapes and patterns, just experiment. Don’t go for traditional paints and decorative ornaments. Create a contrast, which will make your room look bigger.

Don’t hesitate to use colors like light blue, yellow and pink for the decorative paintings on the floor.


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