Important Strategies For Proper Window Maintenance

window maintenanceThough often ignored or overlooked, maintaining the windows and doors of your home is an extremely important part of home management.

More than just accessories, windows and doors add charm and appeal to your home.

Windows and doors serve many purposes, other than refreshing your home by allowing fresh air in, so make sure you give them major priority.

Spring maintenance

During summer time or spring, sunshine entering through the windows can heat up your room. Repaint windows with selective coating that can reflect sunlight and keep your room cool to some extent. You can also install white sheets or drapes to deflect extreme heat.

During the day, close the curtains of west and south-facing windows [Purpose of curtain]. You can also fix awnings on south and west-facing windows.

Winterizing windows

If you’ve decided to save energy bills on winterizing your home, windows can go a long way. Vinyl is a good material for windows to prevent cold, as it has amazing insulating properties.

While wood is also effective, if your area is hurricane-prone, resistant glass for windows should also be considered.

Double pane windows with low e-coated glass are effective for reflecting heat back into your room, particularly in the fall months.

You can close the curtains and shades during the night and keep them open during day. For sunlight, always keep windows on the south side of your house.

Window cleaning

If you don’t have self-cleaning windows, this is probably the most time-consuming and difficult task. Here are a few tips to make the task easier:

Most people tend to clean their windows at least once a year, particularly in spring. However, if you truly want to make window cleaning a less tedious, remember to clean it at least four times a year.

However, if you have enough time, try to clean them once a month. By doing this, you can decrease the intensity of labor on window cleaning and they’ll never look too shabby.

Choose appropriate cleaning tools, and ensure that you remove the debris present on exteriors and carefully remove window screens. Eliminate stubborn dirt first and refinish with paint if necessary.

Security aspects

Although there are a few threats, it is essential for you to keep windows locked when you leave home [Home security tips]. Regularly check the locking systems of windows and ensure that they are working well. Windows that can be opened by simply unlocking or breaking glass are less effective deterrents for thieves.


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