Selecting An Atmosphere For The Bedroom

bedroom1A bedroom should be a relaxing place and a calm oasis from your hectic life. There is a lot to be said for waking up every morning to pleasant surroundings.

For adults it is the one space in the house where you can indulge in thick pile carpets and impractical details especially if you know that your children cannot come in and take it over.

You can hide clutter with hidden wardrobe storage or have ornate furniture that can add to a French renaissance feel.

The latter is a great look for a very grown up opulent space to sleep in. A bed is often the largest item of furniture so make sure you choose one that you love.

There are many styles available from a mahogany, sleigh bed to a more modern chrome design. Once you know the atmosphere that you are trying to create the bed you want will become very obvious. If you can make space for a king size they are usually not much more but give that little extra arm and leg room.

Elaborate wall coverings can be wonderful in a bedroom and there are now back in fashion again, with many patterns available. The real key to this space is the use of linens and fabric. This sometimes can be the starting point of color selection and mauves and purples are very popular at the moment.

Whatever you finally decide on, don’t forget to add some personal mementoes and make sure the look reflects your personality.


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