Get ready for the Summer with some French Windows: Why you should fit your French windows now

Okay, so it’s not summer yet. But think about it. You don’t want summer to come and then start your construction while there are sunny weekends to miss out on. You want to be prepped and ready, so when the sun comes you can let all that light in and step in and out of your garden with ease.

So here are some tips for prospective French window buyers and reasons as to why you should fit your French windows now, in preparation for a, fingers crossed, bright and sunny summer!



French doors are a wonderful source of natural light into your home, something you’ll get a whole lot more of in the summer. The sunlight coming through those French windows are a perfect way of making your home feel spacious and warm.

With French Windows you could sunbathe from the comfort of your living room, the perfect way to relax through a short summer.

Having all that extra natural light in your home will also make you feel happier. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels in the brain and serotonin is popularly believed to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness.


Your garden is at its most beautiful in the summer time and you’ll want to appreciate all that the summer has to offer. French windows are the perfect exit to your garden enticing you outside, and at the same time they welcome you straight back in! With a big set of double doors you’ll be letting all that garden air into your home, bringing you closer to the sights, sounds and perfumes of your garden.

If you’re a proud gardener you could fondly watch on your garden from the comfort of your home to look at your job well done, or you could just watch on while your kids mow the lawn!

You could also bring your garden indoors. Plants that require heaps of sunlight and warmth will survive inside your French Windows and could give your house a tropical feel behind those beautiful double doors. See for yourself on French window websites like

Avoid the rain or evening insects!

When it does inevitably rain, at least you can admire your gardens beauty whilst under the cover of your house.

There are also those unfortunate evenings where even though it is lovely your garden gets swarmed by flying ants. It’s handy to have French windows to still appreciate the beautiful evening as well as being tucked away from their bothersome swarms.


If you are thinking of fitting your French Windows in the winter, good on you! But you need to make sure you get a set that will insulate your house properly so your house stays and warm and your energy bills remain low.

When buying your French windows look at getting it fitted with soft coat glass. This will give your French Windows unrivalled thermal insulation and keep you and your family warm.


It is also important that you have the correct security in place on your French Windows. When buying your summery French Windows, make sure yours are fitted with anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill locks and door handles with solid aluminium external back plates that resist levering.


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