Taking The Plunge And Getting Away From Basic Paint Colors

home interiorMany people are happy to wear quit garish colors but are afraid to go beyond beige or white in their home interiors.

However they are missing out on the startling changes you can make just by opening a pot of paint.

If for a small living room, a light color will be better to create an illusion of space, but that does not mean it has to be cream.

Every color comes in a lighter shade and can be reinforced with stronger accents, for example, a light green is very harmonious and darker green will bring it out more.

When deciding on colors for a room, determine what furniture is staying and that will be your starting point. Certain shades have particular effects, blue can be very cool so will not really be suitable for a living room although it is perfect for a bathroom.

If you have a blank canvass then find inspiration from an item that you will want to be in the room; a painting or treasured possession. Take into consideration how the space will be used and take the time to make a mood board.

Cut and store pictures from magazines or take photographs you will soon build up a good sense of what you want to achieve.

Every color has many tones so if you’re still faltering use a combination for an individual room. You will be surprised though and once you have one room completed, you will appreciate how great color can be in your home and there will be no stopping you.


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