Ice Cube Maker To Freeze Dozen Cubes In Just 10 Minutes!

ice cube makerHave you hosted a party in your place and recognized you ran out of ice? When your party is in scarcity of drinks or food, you may order them in few minutes and supply them.

What will you do if you ran out of ice cubes? Normally you do not get ice in cubes form, if you want ice in cubes form; you need to wait for a long time.

This can be very boring and can even spoil your party mood as you need to wait for a long time.

There is a better solution for preparing the ice cubes in just 10min. You can prepare 12 cubes in just a span of 10 min, great right! Ice cube maker machine can make this happen for you and you can prepare ice cubes in less time.

When you are dealing with lots of guests, you always need a steady supply of ice cubes; this ice Cube Maker Machine makes this happen and sees that you do not run out of ice cubes.

Features of ice cube maker machine:

  • This machine can produce 15-18 kg of ice in 24 hours.
  • Highly efficient compressor with low noise levels.
  • Portable ice maker and do not need any plumbing work for installation.
  • You have a viewing window for viewing the status of the cubes.
  • Ideal ice cube maker for homes, offices and professional use.
  • Includes ice scoop and storage capacity is around 1.5kg.

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